Random writing spree. Perhaps the beginning to something.

Ever wondered, how people seem to be figments of another person. Tiny little things that make them resemble with another one just like them. Is that a coincidence, having common things between each other? Is this equality: that humans can feel, think and have same tastes as each other? But if its equality where is the mirror through which you can see an identical reflection. Why aren’t all things common, why aren’t all things equal. Where is the line drawn between the reflections of one person with the others? Heard of different people, with uniqueness with uncommon style and unusual characteristics and being the one of a kind kind of thing. But it isn’t true is it? Everyone takes uniqueness and incorporates it in some way or the other in them. It’s like common camouflage of personality. Everyone is hidden under blankets of versions of others camouflaging their true self. But then was there ever a true self to begin with?