Quaid-e-Azam’s birthday

“My message to you all is of hope, courage and confidence. Let us mobilize all our resources in a systematic and organized way and tackle the grave issues that confront us with grim determination and discipline worthy of a great nation.” Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


This man’s grace, elegance and determination is what truly inspires me. Happy Birthday to the father, founder and faithful servant of our nation.

The Plate Life Serves.

Life always serves you those unusual encounters, unforgettable mistakes and unexpected perceptions that strike a hard blow to every step you take in life. Keeping that in mind, misconceptions about your self are served as the entrée,  regrets as the main course and misery for dessert. If you’re ready to feed on these things for all your life, you probably might end up being drunk. That is what people end up getting when they have all these things on Life’s plate.

With all the time in the world you think there is not enough time. With every mistake you make, you feel this is the end and there is nothing beyond it. You think you could have done better,  when sometimes better is not even enough. In any situation your satisfaction is all the fuss. We think that if we are not satisfied,  our life will be ruined and all the decisions will end up giving catastrophic results. That is how we overly dramatize our life to be, when that is the irony of life! The road to life does not stop at a dead end. You have to take a turn at every stop and if you plan on going the straight way, then I would advise you  to stop right there, take a u-turn and go back where you started. That’s when the perception of life being a straight road shifts to being a maze that causes bewilderment, confusion and perplexity. Now that doesn’t fit in on your daily schedule of going on a straight road! But that’s the thing you don’t seem to get. You can’t eat something sweet and sugary all your life as you’ll end up getting diabetes. Or something savory and spicy all your life because you’ll end up getting acidity. You need to maintain that balance on life’s plate in order to prevent those conditions. There needs to be that sweet flavoring and fiery seasoning balance. It doesn’t get the pleasure out of you if you don’t feel excited, anguished or joyful towards something served before you. That’s the adventure you should crave for!! That’s the excitement you are expected to ignite in your self! And that’s the acceptance you should be ready to make!

Despite the fact that life is unexpected, you still are the one who decides what goes on your plate. Nobody else has the right to decide what goes on your plate. You alone make this decision and you alone are to go by it.
Your plate shouldn’t consist of distress, misery or something that you regret having. It should make you feel happy, excited and something that you feel is worth having. So now then, can I take your order? 😉